Ingredients & Nutrition

At an average of just 350 calories per pint, Calli delivers full flavour with just 1/3rd the calories of typical premium ice cream which typically packs in over 1,000 calories per pint!

What ingredients do you use to make Calli?

While most ice creams use milk or cream as a dairy base, Calli ice cream is made using Milk Protein Concentrate. Milk Protein Concentrate is the by-product of cheesemaking, which is rich in protein. We also use erythritol, a naturally-derived sugar substitute. Together, these form the base of all Calli ice cream.

The magic happens after the base is ready. We then add ingredients like real Belgian chocolate, all-natural creamy caramel, and even fresh durian flesh into the base to create your favourite Calli ice cream flavours!

Wait… How is Calli low-calorie while using the finest, high-quality ingredients?

That’s a secret.

Kidding! Whey actually has lower fat content than the usual milk or cream used in making ice creams. The sweeteners used (erythritol) is a naturally derived sugar substitute that has a low glycemic index value, meaning it has a minimal impact on our body’s blood glucose levels. Using these as the main ingredients for Calli, we create ice cream that is low in sugar, fat, and calories. To further sweeten the deal, using whey in the recipe also make Calli ice cream high in protein!

What do you mean by “low-calorie”?

Based on the recommended calorie intake for adults is 2,000-2,500 per day, we created an ice cream that’s capped at less than 100 calories per serving (or less than 400 calories per pint). That’s about ⅓ of the calories found in other premium ice creams!

It’s mentioned that Calli is “high in protein” – is that good for me?

Protein not only helps build and repair muscles, it also helps with your body’s daily calorie burn. This is because your body needs more energy to break down protein, which means it’s burning more calories without you knowing!

Is it gluten-free / vegan-friendly fine for people with lactose intolerance?

As we use naturally derived sugar substitutes and whey to keep our ice cream calorie count below 100 per serving, we’re proud to say that Calli is gluten-free.

We now have dairy-free (vegan) options too!

So… How does Calli still taste sweet, creamy and delicious?

Can healthy desserts taste good? Of course they can! That’s why we created Calli – to help break the stereotype that desserts need to be high in sugar and fat to taste yummy. We use natural ingredients (like real Belgian chocolates) that are rich in flavour, so we can lower the amount of sugar and fats used, and still create really delicious ice cream!

How long can my Calli ice cream last?

The expiry date is stated on the bottom of your pint of Calli. But of course, we believe it’s always best to enjoy it fresh from the store!

We’re confident that you can’t resist to let your ice cream sit in the fridge for too long anyway.

Is it halal-certified?

Yes! We are halal certified by Jakim Malaysia.

Okay… so what’s the best way to eat it?

Anyway you like! It’s really up to you. Personally, we like to eat it straight from the pint. But do leave your ice cream at room temperature for five to ten minutes so that it’s soft enough to enjoy.