Ice Cream is Better with Calli!

Ice Cream is Better with Calli

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Bye Bye Cheat Days

Say hello to Calli. Better for you ice cream that is low in calories and sugar,
high in protein, but full on flavour. Some call it magic, we call it Calli.
Fancy some ice cream minus the cow? Choose from
dreamy flavours made with either coconut or oat milk,
guaranteed to satisfy. Pair it with your favourite desserts
or just eat it straight out of the tub - we won't judge.
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Try our classic unforgettable, crave-worthy flavours that
make you go wow. Whether you're having your daily
ice cream fix or enjoying a pick-me-up throughout the day,
every mouthful is sure to hit the sweet spot.
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Breakups are easy. Choosing a flavour is hard.

Explore our range.
Surprise yourself with impossibly creamy ice cream yet minus the calories & sugar.

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